From consultant to finance director, a Register Controller represents the core values of the VRC. A Register Controller always employs a knowledge-based decision-making process and always aims for maximum economic and societal impact. A Register Controller is incorruptible and always seeks collaboration and connection, internally as well as externally and nationally as well as internationally.

The VRC is represented by over 5000 professionals in all layers of financial management. Based in Het Nieuwe Kantoor in Amsterdam, the VRC educates, profiles, unites and supports these finance executives. It is the VRC’s mission to ensure that all finance experts will have a Register Controller title in the future.

Focused on economic and social impact

We work together

Board members

drs. T.M. (Esther) Nooijen MSc RC


mr. drs. M.W. (Martijn) van Veen RC


N.I. (Nadine) Koerselman MSc RC


Frans Post RC EMFC

Board Member

Arie Den Hertog MSc RA RC

Board Member

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