e-learning: Data Analytics

This English-only module is the result of collaboration between the VRC and the Open University.

Data analytics has received much attention lately due to the growing amount of data at our disposal today. It is considered a valuable asset that needs to be explored and analyzed in order to be transformed into information and actionable knowledge. This module of Data Analytics is designed to guide you through a learning journey in one of the most valuable and exciting topics of our age and consists of a mix of videos, articles, assignments, etc. The average course duration is 6 hours. It explores various fields of Data Analytics:

  • Data Analytic Thinking
  • Data Preparation
  • Machine Learning for Data Analytics

The first chapter will equip you with the fundamental knowledge about data science, and put you in the mindset of a data scientist. The second chapter will show you the methods, techniques, and tools for data preparation. Finally, the last chapter will cover machine learning for data analytics, specifically focusing on classification, regression, and clustering. Minimodule Data Analytics will help you efficiently gain a rich variety of actionable skills and knowledge within a very short amount of time.

Organizations benefit from data analytics in the following ways.

  • Get to know their customers, better target new clients
  • Cut operation costs and optimize processes
  • Solve problems
  • Innovate
  • Gain a competitive edge (or just survive!)

Individuals can use data analytics in their careers in the following ways.

  • Broaden their professional skills
  • Translate business problems into data problems
  • Acquire and process relevant data to solve problems
  • Unveil insights from the data

Members: € 495,-
Non-members: € 595,-

PE-points: 6

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