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Cursus: Introduction in Predictive Modeling

Helaas is deze cursus door de cursusopzet niet online te volgen. De veiligheid van onze cursisten staat voorop. Uiteraard wordt deze cursus volgens de RIVM richtlijnen uitgevoerd.

Introduction in Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling is an important part of the digital revolution within all kind of organisations.

Course goals:
The goal of this training is to get an understanding of predictive modeling in the context of the controller and to give an answer to questions like "How is Predictive Modeling already used in my industry?", "What is the role of the controller in regards to Predictive Modeling?" and "What is needed to make a predictive model work?"

Learning goals
After this course, the student has knowledge and skills in the field of:

  • Apply machine learning algorithms;
  • Make a simple predictive model in R using freeware and their own laptop

One day training. The morning is dedicated to theory (introduction predictive modeling, machine learning concepts, artificial intelligence). The afternoon is dedicated to working with building a predictive model in R using freeware software on your own laptop).

Sanjin Nabuurs RC

Course format:









Live cursus

7 uur





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