The Association of registered controllers

The Association of registered controllers (VRC) has been uniting graduates of the recognized Executive Master of Finance & Control (EMFC) program since 1988. The VRC members are knowledge-driven financial professionals who hold the title of registered controller, also known as the RC title.


As the connector of over 5300 registered controllers, the VRC represents the most prominent professional network of financial professionals nationally. They work at various levels within leading (inter)national organizations, with approximately twenty percent holding executive or managerial positions. The VRC promotes the personal and professional development of its members and contributes to the advancement of the financial field, making a positive economic and societal impact.

VRC Board

VRC Bestuur
Frans Post RC
VRC Bestuur
Nadine Koerselman MSc RC
Vice Chairman
Market Development
VRC Bestuur
mr. drs. Martijn van Veen RC
Algemeen Bestuurslid
Network Development
VRC Bestuur
Arie den Hertog MSc RA RC
Academic development
mr. Roxanne Kokol RC


United together, the VRC strengthens the economic and societal value of the RC title as a catalyst for progress in the financial field and beyond. In addition to uniting graduates and students of the academic program in Executive Master of Finance & Control (EMFC), the VRC strives to enhance the economic and societal value of the RC title. The association is dedicated to advocating for the interests of its members, promoting responsible professional practice, and investing in the ongoing development of registered controllers. By promoting the economic and societal value of the EMFC and RC titles and strengthening the service marks on a (inter)national level, the association aims to achieve greater recognition and appreciation for the distinctive added value that registered controllers offer.

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By promoting the economic and societal value of the RC title and highlighting the distinctive expertise of registered controllers, the VRC strengthens the position of the registered controller. The RC title becomes a more powerful brand that represents positive financial impact and societal progress through a strategic approach to finance in government and business. With a focus on continuous personal and professional development, as well as promoting responsible professional practice, the VRC inspires its members, the registered controllers, to take on a pioneering role within organizations and lead in sustainable business practices, innovation, and organizational development. The association serves as a source of expertise and advocacy, aiming to become a center of excellence in the field of strategic finance in both profit and non-profit organizations. In this way, the VRC actively contributes to the recognition of the RC title as a leading standard for professional excellence and positive economic and societal impact.

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VRC visie

VRC Office

VRC Bureau
Jari Steingröver
Chief Operating Officer
VRC Bureau
Karina Moreno Ocampo
Senior Manager Operations
VRC Bureau
Miempie de Lange
Finance Manager
VRC Bureau
Fleur Sijbrands
Marketing and Communication Manager
VRC Bureau
Fianna Sinnige
Growth Marketing Manager
VRC Bureau
Simone Karssen
Support Specialist
VRC Bureau
Zoé Wijsmuller
Working student (Communicatie)
VRC Bureau
Andrelica Matilda
Finance Operations Specialist
VRC Bureau
Julian Zalme
Junior Financial Data Analyst
VRC Bureau
Charlotte Schurer
Working student (Finance)
VRC Bureau
Dona Barirani
Policy Specialist
VRC Bureau
Maarten Sibma
Business Development Manager
VRC Bureau
Marta Kurpiewska
Business Development Specialist
VRC Bureau
Yaren Yilmaz
Working student (Finance Academy)

Working at VRC?

''Working with passionate professionals and being constantly challenged to contribute to the development and positioning of the chartered controller makes working at the PRC inspiring and motivating''

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VRC werknemers


The VRC board is assisted by experts and has the authority to establish committees, the powers, tasks, and procedures of which are determined by the board in further regulations. If you are interested in actively participating in VRC committees, the VRC invites you to express your interest by submitting an application via

Advisory Board
Board of Discipline/Appeal
Confidential advisor
Advisory Board

The VRC board is supported by an Advisory Board, which provides advice on the strategic direction of the VRC. This board serves as a sounding board for the VRC board and shares its views on governance intentions with the board upon request or unsolicited.

Drs. Gavin van Boekel MBA EMFC RC CFO (Chairman)
Drs. Klaas Groenveld RA MBA EMFC RC
Mr. drs. Jeroen Thorenaar EMFC RC
Prof. dr. Karen Maas MSc
Board of Discipline

The VRC Code of Conduct serves as the basis for evaluating disciplinary complaints by the Disciplinary Board. Registercontrollers are required to adhere to the standards of the code of conduct during the performance of their duties. The Disciplinary Board is authorized to take measures in case of violations of the VRC Code of Conduct.

Mr. Ward Messer (Chairman)
Mw. Ilse Leijten-Puister (Registrar)
Dr. Bob van Kuijck RA RC
Board of Appeal

The Board of Appeal handles complaints in appeal according to the provisions of the Disciplinary Procedure Regulations. Together with the Disciplinary Board, it forms the two disciplinary bodies responsible for the handling of disciplinary cases.

Mr. dr. Jaap Dammingh (Registrar)
Drs. Marc van den Broek MSc EMFC RC
Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) maintains a close connection and a symbiotic collaborative relationship with the academic partner universities that offer the EMFC programs. This relationship is aimed at ensuring the quality of the EMFC programs. The committee carefully assesses whether the programs meet the accreditation requirements and quality standards of the association.

Prof. Jan Bots (Independent chairman)
Mr. drs. Martijn van Veen RC | VRC
Arie den Hertog MSc RA RC | VRC
Dr. Arno Geurtsen EMFC RC | Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Prof. dr. Frank Verbeeten MBA MSc EMFC RC| Universiteit van Amsterdam
Prof. dr. Bert Steens MSc EMFC RC | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Prof. dr. Harold Hassink | Maastricht University
Prof. dr. Pieter Jansen MSc | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Prof. dr. Ivo de Loo MSc| Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Prof. dr. Roland Speklé | Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Prof. dr. ir. Michael Corbey | TIAS School for Business and Society
Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee advises the VRC board on matters concerning the policy, enforcement, and implementation of the VRC Code of Conduct. The committee promotes awareness of the code of conduct, advises on practical standards in implementing the code of conduct, and provides advice on potential amendments to the code of conduct and related (inter)national regulations.

Frans Post iEMFC RC (Chairman)
Dr. Raymond Zaal MBA (Outside member ethicist)
Dr. Paul Reijven MBA RC (Member RC)
Inge Blokker EMFC RC (Member RC)
Daan de Jong EMFC RC
Ton Gemert RE RC CISA
Jerry Speel RC CEO
Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee advises the VRC board on matters concerning the Permanent Education (PE) system of the VRC. The committee’s responsibilities include evaluating the PE system, serving as a sounding board for members, advising on PE regulations, and promoting awareness and compliance with the PE requirement.

Bastiaan Postma EMFC RC CFO (Member RC)
Drs. Kees van Rijswijk MSc RC (Member RC)
Drs. Gert Jan Vos MSc EMFC RC (Member RC)
Louis Spoor RA (Outside member-PE)
Drs. Peter van Erp RC (Member RC)
Thesis Prize Committee

The Thesis Award Committee forms the thesis award jury and consists of a composition of RC members, academics, and representatives from the business community. The committee evaluates the theses from recognized EMFC programs and ensures that the selected thesis meets the quality requirements for the RC title and EMFC program.

Drs. Vincent Verweijmeren RC (Chairman)
Ir. Nynke Dalstra RC
Drs. Theo Eysink RA CFO
Prof. dr. Sophie Hoozée
Confidential advisor

The Confidential advisor, an independent individual designated by the VRC, serves as a point of contact for register controllers regarding significant moral issues that cannot be resolved internally. With a commitment to maintaining confidentiality, the Confidential advisor aims to provide guidance on addressing these matters.

Ron Wessel RC

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