VRC Summer Sessions Boek Recommendations – Part 2

Are you looking for a way to make the most of this summer period and develop yourself professionally? The VRC presents the Summer Sessions Book Recommendations: a list of books that will inspire you and stimulate your professional growth. Whether you want to stay updated on the latest insights in your field or benefit from the expertise of the most popular VRC Finance Academy instructors, these books are a valuable addition to your summer reading list. With the powerful combination of education and relaxation, the VRC offers you a unique opportunity to invest in your professional future this summer.

VRC Recommendations

Management Control
Frank Hartmann & Jan Bouwens | ISBN: 9789001738907

This bestseller within the ‘Information and Control’ series offers an integral approach to management control with a focus on financial and operational process management. The book provides practical insights and realistic business cases covering topics such as planning, budgeting, cost control, motivation, strategy, and risk management. The updated latest edition emphasizes the role of the controller, the impact of big data, and highlights complex control systems and risk management.

Prof. Dr. Frank Hartmann RC is a Professor of Accounting at Radboud University and conducts theoretical and empirical research on the functioning of Management Control Systems. He integrates insights from neuroscience and philosophy into his research. Besides deepening the understanding of Management Control Systems, Prof. Dr. Frank Hartmann RC connects significant empirical findings from philosophy to the concept of management control, providing practical insights into the intersection of control, cognition, and motivation.

Engage in the interactive evening course ‘Management Control – What Does Science Say?’ and explore the dialogue on scientific insights and their practical relevance within the financial discipline. The course at VRC Finance Academy discusses various practical themes and the relevance of disciplines such as neuroscience and philosophy through case discussions and scientific insights:

Grow the Pie – How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit
Alex Edmans | ISBN: 9781009054676

In this groundbreaking book, celebrated financial professor and TED speaker, Alex Edmans, explores the question of whether companies should be run for profit or purpose. Through practical examples from various sectors and countries, Alex Edmans demonstrates that purpose-driven companies are more successful in the long term. He provides a roadmap for leaders to implement purpose in practice, including overcoming challenges, and explains how investors can identify purpose-driven companies and create value for both shareholders and society. Read the updated edition with insights from recent research and the impact of the pandemic.

Alex Edmans is a British academic and economist, currently serving as a Professor of Finance at London Business School. He also holds the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Review of Finance, the leading academic finance journal in Europe. He delivered a TED talk addressing confirmation bias and emphasized the importance of critically evaluating evidence and information. In 2021, Alex Edmans was named ‘Professor of the Year’ by Poets & Quants.

Talent in bedrijf – Wat de wetenschap zegt over talentmanagement in de praktijk
Lidewey van der Sluis | ISBN: 9789462157316

‘Talent in Business’ provides practical insights into talent management in organizations, discussing and translating various scientific articles into the practice of talent managers. The book offers valuable knowledge and inspiration on topics such as assumptions in talent management and the resilience and flexibility of talent managers. Benefit from the scientific knowledge on talent management that can act as a lever for successful workdays, a healthy organization, and a positive future outlook for your career and organization.

Prof. Dr. Lidewey van der Sluis is a Professor of Strategic Talent Management and Organizational Leadership at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. She brings a fresh and economic perspective to traditional HR topics and social and psychological dimensions of organizations. With her expertise in economics, management, and leadership, she explores the intersection of work relationships, business economics, and talent management. She aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by transferring her business and academic knowledge through instrumental models and practical tools for organizational leaders.

Learn how to apply strategic talent management within your organization in just two days. Prof. Dr. Lidewey van der Sluis covers current organizational themes, modern management instruments, and practical tools for improved leadership in the ‘Strategic Leadership & Investment Management’ course at the VRC Finance Academy:

Soft controls voorbij – In 6 stappen verbindend controleren en adviseren met het Bistro-model
Roger Beijer & Gerton van de Kamp | ISBN: 9789492926234

“Moving Beyond Soft Controls” focuses on the evolution of the role of controllers: from checking links to becoming advisors and consultants in the management cycle. It provides practical insights to limit conflicting situations, overcome tensions, adopt an investigative attitude, and perform control with connection. The book introduces the Bistro model to enhance the acceptance of control outcomes and addresses pitfalls and success factors in the control process using practical experiences, behavioral and change management, and control and audit principles.

Roger Beijer specializes in coaching professionals, leaders, and teams. Additionally, he guides organizations through changes, gaining control over behavior and culture, and influencing them. He imparts new knowledge and skills in an approachable manner, using concrete examples from practice to provide sustainable solutions. Roger Beijer holds a degree in Change Management and is a Lean Black Belt, Scrum Master, and certified trainer in neuro-linguistic programming.

Achieve faster acceptance of your control outcomes. Learn empathetic control, supported by the Bistro model, in the VRC Finance Academy course “Supporting Control and Advisory Processes with the Bistro Model”:

Onder commissarissen – Hoe het ongezegde in de boardroom de besluitvorming beïnvloedt
Marilieke Engbers | ISBN: 9789047015017

“In ‘Amongst Directors,’ Marilieke Engbers examines why supervisory roles often go awry. She highlights the complex practice of the Board of Directors (BoD) and illustrates that ambiguous governance rules lead to directors being preoccupied with procedures and relationships, leaving little time for critical reflection on strategic and societal challenges. The book provides insights into this complexity and advocates for a more human-centric approach to oversight, allowing directors to focus on what truly matters.

With over twenty years of experience as a leadership and change consultant, Marilieke Engbers combines teaching on strategy realization for the controllers program at Vrije Universiteit with speaking on the unsaid, paradigm conflicts, and decision-making. Based on her consulting experience and doctoral research, Marilieke Engbers has developed a method that enhances decision-making and communication culture in the boardroom.”

VRC Summer Sessions

Invest in your professional success this summer with the revamped VRC Summer Sessions. Book a VRC Finance Academy course in August and receive the Summer Sessions package: each Summer Session provides exclusive self-study material that earns an additional 2 PE points on top of the regular course points. The Summer Sessions package includes current content within the disciplines of ethics, sustainability, personal development, artificial intelligence, and sustainable business models (depending on the selected course). Don’t miss out on the Summer Sessions in August, and book your preferred course now to receive the Summer Sessions package.

The following courses are part of VRC Summer Sessions:

03-08-2023 Zet uw Potentieel optimaal in (tweede cursusdag 10/08)
22-08-2023 Ethiek en Moreel Kompas voor Controllers in de Marktsector
23-08-2023 Sustainable Finance (tweede cursusdag 06/09)
24-08-2023 ESG datagedreven toepassen (tweede cursusdag 31/08)
29-08-2023 Ethiek, AI en Data in de organisatie

VRC Summer Sessions Book Recommendations

  1. Impactvol ondernemen in de praktijk – Zelf verantwoordelijkheid nemen en samenwerken: zo doe je dat!
    Hanneke Oude Elberink-Schieving, Paul van Ruiten, Ton Bastein, Anouk Brack, Annick Schmeddes, Jan Selen, Elise Vonk
  2. Leadership Agility – Ontwikkel je repertoire van leiderschapsstijlen
    dr. Ron Meyer & Ronald Meijers
  3. How the World Really Works – The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We’re Going
    Vaclav Smil
  4. Dynamische sturing in turbulente tijden – Data, drijfveren en gedrag
    Fred Conijn RA
  5. The Value of Everything – Making and Taking in the Global Economy
    Mariana Mazzucato
  6. Management Control
    Frank Hartmann & Jan Bouwens
  7. Grow the Pie – How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit
    Alex Edmans
  8. Talent in bedrijf – Wat de wetenschap zegt over talentmanagement in de praktijk
    Lidewey van der Sluis
  9. Soft controls voorbij – In 6 stappen verbindend controleren en adviseren met het Bistro-model
    Roger Beijer & Gerton van de Kamp
  10. Onder commissarissen – Hoe het ongezegde in de boardroom de besluitvorming beïnvloedt
    Marilieke Engbers

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