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VRC’s must-listen Podcasts for the Winter

Professional insights, engaging conversations, and attention-grabbing topics converge in the podcast recommendations from the VRC. Listen to informative and inspiring episodes about the complex world of multipotentials, the fascination with the rise of artificial intelligence, the ethical approach to data science, and the transformation of leadership in the financial world. Put on your headphones and tune in to refreshing perspectives in the VRC’s must-listen podcast selection for the winter.

VRC Winter Sessions

How to Navigate Life as a Multipotentialite – ‘Yes, You Are Truly Different!’

With Catelijne Gerlag

Gain profound insight into the world of multipotentials – individuals with a broad range of interests and talents. In this specific episode, Catelijne Gerlag, VRC Finance Academy expert and experienced career coach specializing in guiding multipotentials, takes you on the complex journey of living with a uniquely ‘wired’ brain. The podcast reveals the common challenges faced by multipotentials and explores the shared themes and opportunities that connect them. Learn how, as a multipotential, you can embrace your versatility and derive powerful benefits from it.

Are you a multipotential? Learn tactics to harness your potential optimally in financial and business contexts in the VRC Finance Academy course ‘Unlock Your Potential.’ In the course, Catelijne Gerlag emphasizes your personal development and maximizing your versatility as a multipotential: Zet uw Potentieel optimaal in

Alex Edmans: Nuance in ESG

With Alex Edmans

Within the realms of finance and corporate governance, Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at the renowned London Business School and Academic Director of the Center for Corporate Governance, has made an unmistakable mark. His academic journey, commencing at the University of Oxford, has been enriched with practical experience in investment banking at the prestigious institution Morgan Stanley. However, his reputation extends beyond his impressive academic and professional background. Alex Edmans has shared his insights and expertise at the World Economic Forum in Davos, provided testimony to the British Parliament, delivered presentations to the Board of Directors of the World Bank, and given inspiring TED talks. In this podcast episode, Alex Edmans explores the insights derived from his book ‘Grow the Pie.’ He sheds light on the complexity of dealing with ESG-related considerations in today’s intricate market landscape. Listen to this informative conversation that addresses a crucial topic within the financial world and corporate governance.

Stefan Buijsman – AI: Alsmaar Intelligenter

With dr. Stefan Buijsman

In a world saturated with technology, where facial recognition, self-driving cars, algorithmic spread of fake news, and even our romantic relationships are influenced by artificial intelligence, the intriguing question arises: What does this mean for us? Should we be concerned about a future where computers are smarter than we are? In his latest book, Dr. Stefan Buijsman unravels the world of artificial intelligence and seeks answers to these pressing questions. In the podcast ‘AI: Alsmaar Intelligenter’ (AI: Ever Smarter), host Bouwe van Straten engages in a conversation with him about this intriguing and relevant theme. Prepare for a deep exploration of the exciting world of AI.

The VRC course ‘Ethics, AI, and Data in the Organization’ provides an enlightening overview of ethical issues associated with the use of AI and data in organizations. By integrating ethical considerations into the AI development process, we can promote fair use of data and algorithms. Strive towards a future where AI is deployed responsibly and begin with the VRC course: Ethiek, AI en Data in de Organisatie

Rob Oudman (Houlihan Lokey) over fusies en overnames

With Rob Oudman

This podcast offers a unique exploration of the fascinating domain of mergers and acquisitions, with Rob Oudman sharing his wealth of experience and insight into these complex corporate transactions. Rob Oudman plays a key role at Houlihan Lokey, a prominent financial advisory firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. In this podcast, the dynamic world of business acquisitions is explored, trends and strategies are analyzed, and you gain insight into the crucial role of financial experts in this process. Whether you are a professional in this field or simply interested in the business world, this episode promises unique insights and valuable discussions.

‘Zo Beklim Je de ‘Ladder to the Moon’ – Lidewey van der Sluis over Succespatronen in Organisaties

With prof. dr. Lidewey van der Sluis

Listen to a captivating podcast episode where Prof. Dr. Lidewey van der Sluis unveils her latest book, in which she delineates the world of boundary-pushing organizations and their distinctive critical success patterns. As a leading professor in talent management and organizational development, she guides you in an inspiring manner towards organizational success. Lidewey van der Sluis portrays boundary-pushing organizations as visionary, determined to achieve seemingly impossible goals, and persistent in their belief in their feasibility. She shares fascinating experiences, including insights from her time at NASA, emphasizing that Dutch organizations can also think big with the right energy and vision. Throughout the conversation, thought-provoking statements are presented, and you’ll discover how organizations can climb the ladder to success through boundary-pushing thinking and actions.

Fast-track your learning on how to make more effective decisions and promote the growth of your organization as a strategic leader. Prof. Dr. Lidewey van der Sluis addresses current organizational themes, modern management tools, and practical tools for enhanced leadership in the course ‘Strategic Leadership & Investment Management’ at the VRC Finance Academy: Strategisch Leiderschap & Investment Management

VRC Winter Sessions

Seize the final opportunity to participate in the exclusive VRC Winter Sessions and earn additional CPD points before the CPD registration deadline on March 1. When you book a course from the January offerings of the VRC Finance Academy, you will receive the special Winter Sessions package. Each Winter Session includes an exclusive VRC item for the winter and self-study materials that earn you an extra 2 CPD points on top of the regular course points. Don’t miss this last chance for the VRC Winter Sessions; book the course of your preference and receive the valuable Winter Sessions package.

The following courses are part of the VRC Winter Sessions:
17/01 CSRD Sustainability Reporting in Practice (ENG)
17/01 Excel voor Financials en (Register)Controllers
23/01 ESG datagedreven toepassen
23/01 Ethiek en Moreel Kompas voor Controllers in de Zorgsector
25/01 Update (Inter)national External Reporting (Gaap, IFRS, US Gaap) (ENG)

VRC Finance Academy
VRC Winter Sessions

Wat betekent commitment aan het welzijn van jouw medewerkers?

With Harry Hummels

While love and engagement are considered inherent in our personal lives, the dynamics in the workplace sometimes appear to tell a different story. Professor of Ethics, Organization, and Society at Maastricht University, Harry Hummels, takes you on an intriguing exploration, arguing that there is room for a refreshing approach in the workplace. His reasoning is rooted in the Greek concept of ‘Agape’ – love for one another and humanity. While ‘Eros’ highlights love in our private lives, ‘Agape’ focuses on love for others and humanity, especially in our daily professional interactions. Listen to Harry Hummels and develop a new perspective on engagement, well-being, and ethics in the world of work.

Leiderschap en HR-transformatie in de financiële sector

With Ibo Metz, Dick Eijgenraam and Bram Tijsseling

In this podcast episode, three professionals – Ibo Metz (Chief Human Resources Officer at Van Lanschot Kempen), Dick Eijgenraam (HR Director at NN), and Bram Tijsseling (Senior Partner at Odgers Berndtson) – engage in a profound conversation about leadership and the transformation of HR in the financial sector. These experts share their personal motivations, their passion for the HR profession, and their extensive experience in the financial industry. The discussion covers valuable lessons in HR transformations and leadership that the financial sector can draw from other industries. You can look forward to a lively and informative conversation that delves deep into the dynamic world of leadership and transformation.

Data Science: Juridische en Ethische Kwesties

With Gijs van Dijck

Listen to a challenging dialogue with Professor Gijs van Dijck, an expert in Private Law at Maastricht University. With his legal background and extensive experience in empirical research, particularly in the field of network analysis, Gijs van Dijck shares his perspective on complex issues related to data science and ethics. One of the central questions he poses is how the quality of data and the reliability of the resulting conclusions can be assessed. He emphasizes that data ethics does not dictate a definitive “right” approach but rather involves conscious considerations about how data should be handled. In the podcast, Gijs van Dijck shares his insights on the nuances and challenges in this ethical domain for a refreshing understanding of the complex world of data science.

This podcast emphasizes the importance of conscious and critical approaches when dealing with data science, regardless of the level of expertise in this field. As an introduction to concepts such as ethics, artificial intelligence, and data, the VRC course ‘Ethics, AI, and Data in the Organization’ provides a valuable opportunity to increase awareness and lay the groundwork for further discussion and action in the field of AI ethics. Enroll in the course via: Ethiek, AI en Data in de Organisatie – VRC

Zo ontwikkel je als bedrijf een moreel Kompas

With prof. dr. Elianne van Steenbergen

Prof. Dr. Elianne van Steenbergen addresses a pressing issue: how companies can navigate with an ethical compass to prevent scandals and controversies. Indeed, no executive wishes to be involved in such situations, which can cause both financial and ethical damage. The podcast introduces Elianne van Steenbergen, who shares practical advice and insights to assist companies in maintaining an ethically responsible course. This valuable conversation provides concrete guidelines and approaches to guide companies in developing a moral compass and promoting an ethical corporate culture.

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